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The Alaskan Angel :
Deborah Callison-Tankersley

Vivid imagination and a kindred passion for nature have inspired Deborah as a visual artist for over four decades.

As a painter she creates captivating images of animals, majestic floral canvases and African art.

Growing up in her beautiful home state of Alaska etched a permanent tapestry of wildlife imagery in her creative mind.
With mesmerizing precision she extracts the soul and character of her subjects through captivating renderings of their eyes.

As a teacher, she has inspired the creativity of students of all ages, including many at UofA, Prince William Sound Community College in beautiful Valdez, Alaska. Her legacy as an art instructor has now produced many award winning and professional career artists.

Soaring to new creative heights, her paintings now come to  life through her narrative creations – The Ark Angels.  A new series of children’s adventure books, collectibles and plushies are just the start for this exciting and inspiring product lline exploring the deeply spiritual relationship of animals in community.  Clearly modeling the priority and value of relationships,  Ark Angels is a prolific collection of toddler, young reader and read-alouds that provide life lessons with a fuzzy coat and funny face. It’s a kingdom for kids where Deborah is equally inspired to play too, adding new narratives and daily delighting in her plushies character lessons for kids.

Currently living in Austin, TX her love for natural beauty has not been diminished.  Watching children interact with her ArkAngel paintings has encouraged her to make her personal work available to everyone. Working with her husband, Matt, to complete the storylines and marketing dynamics, they are fully focused on finding a publishing partner to bring her evolving creations to print.