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Sadie Mae

“I would have never imagined my love for Sadie Mae and art would turn into such rewarding passion so many years later.

I look forward to bringing your pet portraits to life, and to learning all about your special friends and their irreplaceable place in your homes and hearts.”

-Deborah Callison-Tankersley


“On a Saturday afternoon trip to the shelter for a rescue Max and I instantly connected and from the moment we met his intentions were abundantly clear. He had decided that he would be heading home with me to begin our adventure.

Max, you were a very, very bulky “lap dog”, and I loved sharing life with you.”
-David Downtain


“It was August of 2011, when little puppy Ranger joined our pack. He was very affectionate, loved to snuggle, socialized with other dogs, and even liked cats!

As mascot for our science education program (Exploration Nation) Ranger met many educators and students at science conventions and exhibits. You could tell by his wagging tail that he loved his job!”
-The Monfre Family



“He found us, walking up one day as a pup out of the irrigation ditch in Atascosa, TX. He loved chewing on logs and rocks, hanging out in the back of a truck – and hated water. Smore was one of the greatest, oldest and…now missed friends of my life. Love you buddy!”

-Matt Tankersley

“Share your favorite pet picture with me, and I’ll turn it into a beautiful custom memory, just right for that perfect spot on the wall. Fill out the form here and upload your desired pet picture. Be sure to complete all the form fields and remember you MUST have a good quality picture or I won’t be able to quote and create your pet portrait.

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